Make the Most Out of Video Telehealth Counseling

August 20, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many aspects about how we live our day-to-day lives. Due to the outbreak and our desire to support community health by social distancing, our offices are providing services via online video telehealth counseling sessions.

Demystifying Video Telehealth Counseling

The idea of talking to your therapist through a screen may seem awkward or uncomfortable. However, online therapy has been around long before coronavirus. Teletherapy continues to be an effective way to provide counseling services. A survey done by the American Psychological Association recently reported that 76% of clinicians say they are now solely providing remote services. Telehealth counseling is becoming more common during the pandemic, which means that it will continue to improve to provide the best experience for clients.

What is Video Telehealth Counseling?

Video telehealth counseling, or teletherapy, according to Global Teletherapy, is the online delivery of mental health therapy services via live video conferencing. It allows for virtual patient and clinician care. With video telehealth, you are still getting the same great providers and services, just through an online platform.

Here are our top four tips for adjusting to video telehealth counseling:

Make Your Space Comfortable

It’s important to feel like you have a private and comfortable space for your sessions. Making your surrounding environment cozy will allow you to be much more at ease.

Minimize Distractions

When talking to your provider, it helps to be fully present. Make sure that any extra devices around you are silenced or out of reach. Also let the people you live with know that you will need space for your session.

Try Using Headphones

Headphones can help block out any outside noises that might be distracting to you. Plugging in also helps with staying focused on the conversation between you and your provider.

Communicate With Your Provider

Beginning therapy is all about finding what works for you as an individual. The same goes for transitioning to a teletherapy format. It’s important to communicate with your provider to let them know how they can best help you make the online format work.

Most of our insurance carriers will cover video telehealth with our providers. You can learn more about how our teletherapy works and request an online video telehealth appointment with Oregon Counseling today. 

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