How To Be Kind To Yourself

December 16, 2021

We are all busy people. We have to juggle work, family, and personal responsibilities. That can make it challenging to take time for yourself. But it would help if you did so to help improve… Continue reading

How To Avoid Avoidance

December 9, 2021

Whenever we encounter difficulties, many of us tend to retreat and avoid the problem. Using this approach does not stop the problem from getting worse and can escalate it into a major issue. Our lives… Continue reading

5 FREE Mindfulness Apps to Try Out

November 11, 2021

Want to start practicing mindfulness, but not sure where to start? You’re not alone. And for those who have never tried different techniques or meditation before, it can easily appear intimidating or difficult to adopt.… Continue reading

4 Tips to Handle Holiday Stress

November 4, 2021

Even though November has just begun, the holiday season is fast approaching! There is never a bad time to remember to take care of our wellbeing by being mindful of our stress levels  Holidays are… Continue reading