Back to School Tips for Kids

August 21, 2019

It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over and the season of scholastics is about to begin. Even as you and your family enjoy the last few days of freedom, you can help your child get ready for the coming academic year by following these simple back to school tips for kids.

Start Your Routine Now

If your usual schedule has fallen to the wayside over the summer, a couple of weeks before school starts is the perfect time to get back into the swing of things. Get your child used to a school-year bedtime and morning routine before summer is over, so that the adjustment is easy, natural, and already in place when the new term begins.

Reconnect with Friends

Having a buddy to hang out with can ease back-to-school anxiety and help your child look forward to heading back to class. Families get busy over the summer, so if your child has lost touch with old school friends, set up a play date or help them make plans to meet at recess on the first day of school.

Visit the School Early

The unknown can be scary, so if this is your child’s first year at a new school, helping them get familiar with the new environment beforehand can boost their confidence. Many schools provide an open house or meet-the-teacher night at the end of summer. If your school doesn’t have this type of program in place, see if you can visit the school on your own so your child knows where they’ll be picked up and dropped off, where their classroom is, and what the playground looks like.

By being proactive about preparing your child for school, you can help them adjust more easily, cope well with anxiety, and even look forward to the new school year.

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