5 FREE Mindfulness Apps to Try Out

November 11, 2021

Want to start practicing mindfulness, but not sure where to start? You’re not alone. And for those who have never tried different techniques or meditation before, it can easily appear intimidating or difficult to adopt. But it doesn’t have to feel so complicated. 

There is no right way to practice mindfulness. In fact, there are countless different techniques to try out. Mindfulness is simply a practice of the mind and body becoming more aware and at rest in the present moment. It can have many benefits for our mental health and wellbeing. If you’re just starting out, using a free app as a guide can be a great way to ease into it.  

Mindful has come up with a list of 5 FREE mindfulness apps that you can try out as you begin implementing mindfulness into your daily life: 

1) Insight Timer 

Check out Insight Timer for over 80,000 free guided meditations. Covering topics such of stress, relationships, healing, sleep, creativity, and more. 

2) Smiling Mind 

This app has hundreds of five to fifteen minute meditations organized into structured programs, like Mindful Foundations (35 sessions), Sleep (6 sessions), Digital Detox (8 sessions), and Stress Management (10 sessions). And you have the flexibility to choose where you start, and you can jump around between programs.  

3) MyLife Meditation 

MyLife creates a deliberate, intentional experience for mindfulness. It’s great for beginners, with a Learn to Meditate section that explains what mindfulness is and the science behind why it’s helpful. 

4) UCLA Mindful 

This app features dozens of meditations to help you learn to focus on your breath, your body or sounds, and work through difficult emotions and loving kindness, in three to nineteen minute-long sessions.  

5) Healthy Minds Program 

Healthy Minds Program helps you develop skills for a healthy mind. It’s mindfulness practices will help strengthen mental focus, decrease stress, grow resilience and compassion, and better immune health.  

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