4 Tips to Handle Holiday Stress

November 4, 2021

Even though November has just begun, the holiday season is fast approaching! There is never a bad time to remember to take care of our wellbeing by being mindful of our stress levels 

Holidays are a time of joy, cheer, and celebration. But it also can be a time of stress, anxiety, and frustration. If you find yourself feeling more stressed this holiday season, here are some tips to help you cope with the pressures.

Tip #1- Accept & Realize Your Emotions Are Part of the Process 

Emotions are not bad; they are part of the process. Emotions play an important role in how we interpret experiences and what we learn from them. The first step is to accept that your emotions are valid and important. It is also important to realize how they may be influencing the way you make decisions or behave in certain situations. 

Many times, when we experience intense emotions, we feel the urge to stuff them down or hide them temporarily. But stuffing our feelings down will only make them worse.  

Tip #2- Reach Out  

Coping with stress is not easy, especially when faced with major holidays or gatherings. The amount of work someone feels they need to do can be overwhelming, and it is important that they get the support they need from those who care about them. So don’t be afraid to reach out to those close to you for an extra helping hand. 

Tip #3- Get Enough Sleep  

Sleep deprivation is a common issue for many people during the holiday season. This is because of the busy schedules and the time spent socializing. Choose to make sleep a priority this season, no matter how many obligations call your name, and get enough rest. 

Tip #4- Take Care of Yourself  

Self-care is important to everyone, but it is especially important for those who are working or organizing events during the holidays.  

Self-care usually consists of things like drinking enough water, taking breaks, sleeping well, etc. But this time of year also includes things like staying social, making meals ahead of time, getting enough sleep, and having fun! Remember that the holidays are there to be celebrated, so make sure to enjoy yourself!  

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