Simple Tips to Obsess Less

August 8, 2015

Too often we let our negative thoughts about our bodies allow us to treat ourselves with criticism instead of love. Every person comes with their own unique body type, weight and diverse experiences. However, not everyone accepts themselves for who they are, both emotionally and physically. And that’s okay. It is harmful though, when we only criticize our weight and appearance, and leave no time for acknowledging the beauty of our bodies–no matter what they look like. When we are surrounded by criticism to alter and change ourselves, it is hard to make room for appreciating the beautiful bodies that we do have. When we let fear and negativity control our thoughts, we consume ourselves with unhealthy ideals of how we should look which leads to a reduction in happiness and overall health. Here are some simple tips to combat harsh self-criticism and make time for loving yourself:

  • Practice something that helps you remain in the present moment. Whether it’s yoga, meditation or another activity…choosing a practice that helps you remove yourself from the worry of the future and appreciating the present moment can help you regain some control over negative thoughts.

  • Ask yourself “What am I trying to avoid?” Sometimes our actions can reflect an inner desire or struggle that we are experiencing. Listening to your internal needs can bring more awareness, and help you focus your efforts on fixing the right problem, and avoid displacing your worry.

  • Seek help. Too many times we run around taking care of others, and don’t spend any time caring for ourselves. Your mind and body both help you perform in your best so it is important to make sure you are taking measures to care for yourself. Eating a balanced diet, getting a little exercise and fresh air, or talking to a professional about the problems that you are experiencing are all ways to help yourself take time for what matters, your health!

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