How to Stay Motivated During Tough Times

December 6, 2014

How to Stay Motivated During Tough Times

Having just lost your job or ended a long-term relationship will make you feel depressed and unwilling to move on. Grief, anxiety, uncertainty and even anger are all natural reactions in such situations. Finding a way to stay motivated during such tough times probably doesn’t figure among your biggest priorities.

Moving on from this negative occurrence, however, is essential. Overcoming the negative sentiments will require hard work but taking a couple of steps in the right direction will help you feel much better and give you the strength to keep

Forgive Yourself

Chances are that you’ve made some mistakes that have contributed to the tough situation you’re currently experiencing. Playing the blame game, however, is going to make you feel highly depressed and unmotivated.

When it comes to forgiveness, you’ll need to learn above all how to forgive yourself. Let go of questions like “what if.” You could have acted differently under the circumstances but you have no way of knowing what the outcome would have been.

Let go of the mistakes – these belong to the past. Think about everything you’ll get to do better in the future and focus on freeing yourself from everything that has been holding you back.

Stop Worrying about Things You Can’t Control

You should make decisions and be decisive about steps you can undertake to change your life. It’s important, however, to make a clear distinction between things you can change with your actions and the ones you simply cannot control.

You can’t predict whether the economy’s going to be stable in the years to come and whether the company you work for will ever become successful. Make the most of the current moment and take ownership of your own actions.

Thinking about the future and the major circumstances that you cannot change can have you so emotionally invested in the process that you’ll never find your way out of the situation. Be active but know where to draw the line.

Your Social Circle

Tough times are much easier to survive when you have the right support group.

Instead of isolating yourself, allow the people that you love into your life. Tell them how you feel and share the degree of the problem that you’re currently struggling with. Having positive people in your life will get you back on your feet and help you find a new reason to stay motivated.

Take negative influences out of your life. You don’t need pity and you certainly don’t need the emotional baggage of others. Having people in your life directing you towards something productive is one of the best options for feeling motivated once again.

The Important Lessons You Learn from Mistakes

Negative experiences in life could actually be very beneficial. They teach you what each decision leads to and they also teach you what you want to avoid in the future.

Instead of feeling depressed by the mistakes you’ve committed, learn how to embrace those. Each mistake makes you a stronger and wiser person. Learn your lesson and move on.

Celebrate each accomplishment, no matter how small. Even if you’re experiencing serious hardships right now, the situation will soon change. You have to be prepared and ready to seize any opportunity that comes your way. Being in control of your life and preventing self-pity from taking over will help you move on, even if you need some time to regroup.

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