4 Ideas for Summertime Self-Care

July 29, 2020

As we talked about in our previous post, Do You Have Summer Depression?, you may be finding that your spirits aren’t rising along with the temperatures. Whether you suffer from summer depression or not, summertime self-care is an important way to make sure you stay well mentally, emotionally, and physically through the warmer months.

Get Into Gardening

Gardening can be a great way to relax, learn new skills, and enjoy healthy foods that nurture your body. If you have an outdoor area, try planting a few of your favorite fruits and veggies. Short on outdoor space? Set a few pots on a windowsill for some herbs to spice up your meals. Or brighten up the indoors with flowers and houseplants.

Try a New or Relaxing Exercise

Exercise is valuable not just because of the physical health benefits it confers, but because it releases endorphins that can help you feel happier. Mix things up this summer by trying a new form of exercise, like hiking if you usually use a treadmill, biking if you normally walk, or trying a sport like tennis. Looking for something gentler (or cooler)? Swimming and yoga are great options that are gentle on your body and perfect for warm weather.


Sometimes all you need is some fresh perspective. Even in your hometown, there are probably areas you haven’t been in, places you haven’t tried, and plenty to be discovered. Find a new park, restaurant, or other venue, and give it a try.

Develop a Mindfulness Routine

Since summer schedules are often so flexible, it can be a great time to develop a new routine. How about mindfulness? Whether you prefer meditation or keeping a gratitude journal, learning to be present and mindful can give you a sense of calm and peace.

Whether summertime is your favorite season or the time of year you struggle most, you can make it better by practicing self-care and giving yourself the love, attention, and nurturing you need.

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