10 Ways to Keep Your Motivation From Drying Up

October 20, 2022

Chunk Your To-Do Lists

Have you ever had a really long to-do list, but then when you sat down to start working on it, you lack motivation? This happens to me all the time. If you happen to feel overwhelmed at the mere thought of tackling your to-do list, try to chunk it into smaller tasks. For example, if your goal is “work on blog post,”, try to break that down into individual tasks. This will allow you to see progress and this will help motivate you to continue working on the task.

Visualize Your Future

It’s important to set goals for yourself, and visualize what you want your future to be. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by what you’ll need to do in order to reach your goals, so try to visualize what you want in your future to help solidify it in your mind!

Know Your Reasons

There are so many reasons we may lose motivation, but it’s important to know what’s going on inside of us and why. Figure out the underlying causes for your lack of motivation and address them.

Focus On Internal Reasoning

Everyone knows that motivation is a key factor in finding success. But it can be hard to find motivation when you are feeling unmotivated. There are many ways to keep your motivation going strong, but the most important thing is to focus on internal reasoning rather than external reasoning. Internal reasoning stems from your own beliefs and goals, while external reasoning relies on outside influences.

Make It Fun

Making it fun is the key to sticking with your goals. When you have fun, you are less likely to get bored and walk away from your routine.

Reward Yourself For Progress

The best way to keep your motivation from drying up is to reward yourself for progress. This can be done in many ways, such as celebrating with a favorite meal or buying something you’ve been wanting. You can also use a notebook to track your progress, reward yourself for sticking with it for a week or two weeks, or write yourself a letter of encouragement.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

Motivation can be tricky to keep hold of and difficult to come by. The important thing to remember is that the only way motivation is going to stick with you is if you have a good support system and surrounding yourself with people who will help push you forward.

Get Consistent Exercise

Find a form of exercise that you enjoy and set up a schedule so that you know when you’ll be exercising.

Don’t Oversleep

When your motivation begins to dwindle, it can be tempting to slack off and catch up on some extra sleep. Oversleeping can actually be counterproductive because you’ll feel sluggish and low on energy.

Eat & Drink Right

Your body can’t function well if you aren’t taking care of its most basic needs! By working to eat and drink right, you are putting the best foot forward in your continuing motivation!

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