Family counseling can build upon and improve your closest relationships.

When one person is impacted by a mental health issue, like anxiety, depression or trauma, their whole family is also naturally impacted by it. Family relationships are complex because every member has their own unique experiences. These experiences can influence the dynamic of the family unit, how family members communicate and respond to one another. 

Family counseling focuses on the relationships closest to you, whether you are a parent, spouse, child, or sibling. Oregon Counseling welcomes all kinds of families and all members who wish to participate in family therapy.

Sometimes families may need an outside perspective to fully see what is happening within their own family. At Oregon Counseling, our therapists observe family dynamics firsthand and how family members communicate with each other. They can identify patterns and increase insight about them.

From there, our therapists can help you and your family develop solutions for your relationships with one another moving forward. Overall, our goal is to help you and your family find new ways to love and support each other. Strengthen your family unit through our family therapy services.