Melissa Utz


Areas of Focus

It takes courage to explore life’s challenges. Melissa works from a core belief that each of you has the inherent wisdom and abilities needed to meet those challenges with resilience and skill.

Change is possible but sometimes you need support and a safe place to explore the possibilities. Melissa builds strong and trusting relationships, inviting curiosity, humor, directness, and compassion. She works with individuals and specializes in life transitions, identity exploration, relational difficulties, and helping you move through tough times that might feel impossible. Melissa’s tailors her collaborative, mindful, and strengths-based approach to your unique needs with and eye towards reaching your goals. She believes in working hard with you while also inviting play and celebration along the way.

Melissa knows that identities, visible and invisible, marginalized and privileged, are with us in every moment, relationship, and experience — and this has an impact on our health and wellness. Melissa is LGBTQ+ affirming and experienced in working with people of marginalized backgrounds within an intersectional framework. Melissa will broach identity with you early in the relationship to help build a foundation of openness and trust. This transparency allows identity to be acknowledged and potentially explored, within the relationship, in support of your wellbeing.

Melissa acknowledges that the journey of understanding her own intersecting identities and how they impact her work and clients is ongoing. She engages in frequent conversations, trainings, and self inquiry so that she can continue to remain humble and open to feedback when she doesn’t get things quite right. She strives through these ongoing practices, to create a courageous, educated, and comfortable space to explore identity and the impacts that culture, society, power, and oppression have on each one of her clients.


  • MA, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Naropa University, Boulder, CO
  • BA, Santa Clara University, CA