Caitlin Ruderman

Professional Counselor Associate, EMDR, CADC-R

Areas of Focus

Caitlin has 2 years of experience as a therapist with 6 years total in the social work field.

Caitlin describes her therapeutic orientation as eclectic with an emphasis on trauma-focused psychodynamic and attachment-based work. Caitlin has always loved connecting with others and thinks that the human mind and human behavior are endlessly fascinating, complex, and rich. Being a therapist allows her to help others in profound ways that depend on connection and creativity while often challenging her intellectually, which contributes heavily to her feeling fulfilled in life. Caitlin notes that she truly cannot imagine doing anything that isn’t at least related to this work, and it feels like her calling is helping other people become the most authentic, healthy, fulfilled versions of themselves.

Caitlin has experience working with a variety of age groups but has a focus on adolescents and adults. She has vast experience working with LGBTQ+ clients. She has also worked with people in polyamorous relationships. Caitilin has experience working in a residential treatment center with people with personality disorders (predominantly BPD), alongside high suicidality and self-harm. She has experience working with people struggling with trauma, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, substance abuse, ADHD, factitious disorder, ODD, and autism spectrum disorder. Caitlin has extensive family therapy experience and has experience with couple’s therapy. She has experience running various groups, mainly focusing on process groups and body image/disordered eating groups that she designed.

In her personal time, Caitlin enjoys hiking, reading, and painting–all with her dog nearby!