Amy Dineen

Amy Dineen


Areas of Focus

Amy’s work is born out of a heartfelt compassion for people who live their lives while attempting to deal with the various mental, emotional, physical and spiritual challenges that life can present.

Amy works from the perspective that each person has the ability to heal their own life, and believes her role is to listen, provide support, and help you find and develop your inner strengths and coping skills that may be hidden or undeveloped because of difficult events or situations you’ve experienced. Her approach is client-centered, culturally sensitive, and non-judgmental. She wants you to feel truly seen and heard wherever you’re at.

As a therapist she specializes in trauma, attachment and relational issues, life transitions, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, eating disorders and body image concerns. She uses a combination of talk therapy, mindfulness, neuroscience, EMDR, DBT/CBT, somatic modalities, art/creative interventions, and the outdoors (eco-therapy), individually tailored to your needs and abilities. Her clinical experience includes working with trauma (in its many forms), survivors of abuse, adoption and foster care, people in substance abuse recovery, at-risk teens, LGBTQ, immigrants, and other marginalized populations.

Amy completed her education in California with degrees at San Francisco State University and the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in both Oregon (LMFT T1654), and California (LMFT 101569).

Before becoming a therapist, Amy traveled the world extensively both personally and professionally. Living and working abroad has given her a deep appreciation for diversity and the interconnectedness of all people and things. One of Amy’s strengths is her ability to connect with people of all backgrounds and cultures. In her free time Amy loves being in the outdoors, enjoying the arts, and playing with her dog Abby.


  • BA, San Francisco State University
  • MA, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology