Environmental Self-Care: Self-Care Series (Part 5)

October 15, 2020

Whether we realize it or not, the spaces that we inhabit play a big role in our well being. The environment around us can shape our identities, determine our productivity levels and be a major indicator of our overall mental health. Environmental self-care is the practice of taking care of your environment. This type of self-care is especially important right now for those who are spending a lot of time at home during COVID. Here are our four tips for maintaining environmental self-care:

Organize Your Space

When the space around you is cluttered, it’s likely that your mind is cluttered as well. This can contribute to feelings of anxiety. Having a clean, organized environment can make all the difference for your wellbeing. For those who are busy and struggle finding time to get organized, try setting a 20 minute timer as a short challenge to clean up your space every day or so. You might be surprised how much you can accomplish in that short window of time.

Designate Where Work Happens

If you’re working from home, it may easily feel like your work life and home life are blending together. It’s helpful to designate separate areas between your workspace and your “living” space so that you can be fully present in both parts of your life. 

Make Your Space Comfortable

It’s important that you feel fully relaxed and at-home in your environment. Your space should feel comforting and cultivate happiness and peace. You can make your space cozy with candles, warm blankets, fun coffee mugs, or calming music. Adding plants can also be a great way to add some greenery and life into your space. 

Add a Personal Touch

Another way to feel at home in your environment is to add personal touches that reflect who you are and your tastes. Perhaps there is a certain style of decor or art that you want to display. Or maybe you find joy in having framed photos of family and friends in your space. You can get creative with how you want to customize your environment to your unique liking.

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